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Cyprus at a glance🌊

👉Cyprus, the Mediterranean's third-largest gem, marries stunning landscapes with an enviable climate. A land of breathtaking beauty and stark contrasts, it unfolds with cool, pine-clad mountains that offer a striking contrast to its golden, sun-kissed beaches. Tranquil, timeless villages stand in juxtaposition to modern cosmopolitan towns, luxurious beachside resorts, and vast, unspoiled countryside. Despite its small size, Cyprus boasts a large heart, extending a warm and genuine welcome to visitors who are embraced as friends.

👉Strategically positioned, Cyprus serves as a natural crossroads, with two International Airports in Larnaca and Paphos offering connectivity to major global destinations. This sun-soaked island, steeped in mythology and history, has hosted countless civilizations, each leaving an indelible mark. Temples, castles, and tales of royal weddings grace its narrative. Cyprus enchants with its timeless beauty, a legacy attributed to Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty and love.

👉Aphrodite's mythological birthplace, Petra tou Romiou, a majestic boulder on the south coast, still stands in serene grandeur. With over 11,000 years of history, Cyprus remains eternally youthful, a captivating testament to its enduring allure.

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Explore the Enchanting Akamas Peninsula with our Akamas 4X4 Jeep Safari – Full Day Private Tour 🌿

Join us on an exclusive adventure to the westernmost part of Cyprus, where the Akamas peninsula, a protected Natural Reserve, awaits your discovery. 🌅 Unveil the beauty of myth and legend as we visit the Baths of Aphrodite, where tales of love and beauty come alive. 🏛️🌹

Get ready for an off-road escapade through stunning landscapes, trekking, and a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of Fontana Amorosa and Lara Bay, known as the nesting ground of the Mediterranean Green Turtle, protected with care by the Cyprus Government. 

Along the way, you'll be amazed by the diverse flora and fauna, and the opportunity to spot rare birds and animals in their natural habitat. 🌳 Be awestruck by the sheer beauty of the Avakas Gorge, an untouched wonder of nature. 🏞️🌌

After a day of exploration, we'll take a relaxing break at the picturesque Latchi Harbour. 🍽️🥂

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Parklane - a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

👉Discover a sanctuary of sophistication and elegance nestled amidst 100,000 m2 of meticulously landscaped gardens at Parklane Resort & Spa. This esteemed destination offers tastefully adorned accommodations, affording delightful views of either the lush gardens or the serene expanse of the Mediterranean Sea.

👉Embark on a culinary journey at one of the eight exceptional restaurants and bars, each promising a gastronomic experience that lingers on the palate. From delectable flavors to refined libations, every moment becomes a celebration of taste. 🍽️🍸

👉The grandeur of Parklane Resort & Spa extends to its accommodations. Presenting a total of 274 Rooms & Suites, including 52 opulent Suites, guests are pampered with unmatched luxury and comfort throughout their stay. The exclusive 800 sqm Parklane Diamond Room, complemented by seven additional Meeting Rooms, ensures an environment of refined sophistication for business and social gatherings.

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Sailing – Tailor Made Activity🌊

👉Embark on an unparalleled sailing escapade amidst the historic and culturally rich Mediterranean region. Cyprus, blessed with year-round favorable conditions of steady winds and ideal weather☀️

👉Through our meticulously curated private activity, guests have the exclusive opportunity to navigate modern sailing yachts firsthand, accompanied by skilled professional instructors. A comprehensive briefing ensures a thorough understanding of yacht handling, empowering guests to embrace the challenge and excitement of the open seas while immersing themselves in the harmonious blend of wind, sea, and sun 🌊

👉This bespoke sailing adventure is thoughtfully crafted to cater to individual preferences, ensuring a personalized and exceptional journey. Experience the captivating ambiance of the Mediterranean as you create cherished memories aboard these graceful vessels.

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